The “Circles Platform” is a medium that allows “Circles Subscribers” to provide backing, support and engage by means of “Subscription” to their favourite “Circles’ Creators”, Causes, Art and Content. For the purpose of clarity, “Circles’ Creators” are users who use the Circles platform to create, distribute and monetize their content through pages/other avenues on the Circles Platform and “Circles’ Subscribers are users who use the Circles platform to subscribe to the pages of “Circles’ Creators”. Hereafter, to have a seamless experience and to respect the diversity of the content and people, we appreciate “Circles’ Subscribers” and “Circles’ Creators” to adhere to the following terms. This Policy is a part of the Circles’ Terms of Use. Circles’ Users are bound by the following policies and as a user, you acknowledge to have read, understood and to have agreed to these terms and policies. The Following Terms are effective from 1st June 2019.

With regard to Your Content, you accept the following terms:

  1. Circles’ Creators need to ensure that the Content that has been showcased on their accounts are their own original piece of work. You must own the rights, licenses, trademarks and any other necessary compliances for the content that is being posted. You confirm that content is posted by you does not infringe upon intellectual property rights of any third party and that you have secured all the rights necessary to distribute, copy, display, publicly perform, or otherwise use the content.
  2. Circles’ Creators are responsible for their own content and at Circles, we are not responsible for any Copyright infringement.
  3. Circles take no responsibility for and we do not expressly or implicitly endorse any of your Content that is posted on the Circles platform.
  4. You cannot gain subscriptions from Circles’ Subscribers by impersonating another person/ personality/ Cause.
  5. You cannot gain Subscription for Non- activity or Empty Causes.
  6. If your subscribers include people under the age of 18, then please remind them that they need permission to join your membership, and those under the age of 13 cannot use Circles’.
  7. Circles’ Platform is about peacefully supporting Creators. Be responsible for the content that has been posted and ensure that it conforms to acceptable and respectful behaviour, even if there are conflicting views. Ensure to follow Safe online Etiquettes. Kindly refer to Circles’ Community Guidelines for more information on this regard.
  8. Your content is prohibited on the Circles’ Platform if it falls under the below Category.
    1. Unlawful Content – Content advocating any Illegal Activities such as but limited to Substance Abuse, Threats, Promoting Harm, Trafficking, Theft, Corruption, Fraud, Bribery, Insider trading, Embezzlement, Hacking, Copyright Infringement
    2. Your Content contains Sexual or suggestive content involving minors
    3. Your Content contains other’s personal and confidential information
    4. Discrimination on Social Issues related to but not limited to Race, Gender, nationality, Political Affiliation, Sexual Orientation, Socioeconomic class, Religion, immigration, Disability, Ethnicity.
    5. Fabricated Content – Content falsely created, the sole reason being to earn Subscriptions.
    6. Content advocating Death, Physical abuse, Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Animal Cruelty, Property Damage.
    7. Your content is used to upload, transmit, or distribute to or through the Services any computer viruses, worms, or other software intended to interfere with the intended operation of a computer system or data;
  9. Your Content is uploaded onto the platform at your own risk. Circles use reasonable security measures to ensure the User Content is protected against unauthorized copying and distribution. However, Circle’s is not liable and cannot guarantee any unauthorized copying, distribution of content by other users or third parties.
  10. The Content is created with or submitted to the Services, you grant us a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable, and sublicensable license to use, copy, modify, adapt, develop derivative works from your Content, to distribute, implement, and showcase and Display Your Content and any name, username, voice, or likeness provided in connection with Your Content in all media formats and channels currently known or later developed. This license includes the right for us to make Your Content available for syndication, broadcast, distribution, or publication by other companies, organizations, or individuals who partner with Circles.
  11. Circles have no obligation to screen, edit, or monitor Your Content, but we may, in our sole discretion, delete or remove Your Content at any time and reason, including a violation of these Terms, a violation of our Content Policy, or if you otherwise create any liability for our company.
  12. The Platform may contain links to third-party websites, products, or services, which may be posted by advertisers, our affiliates, our partners, or other users like you (“Third-Party Content”). Third-Party Content is not managed by Circles, and we are not liable for any of their websites, products, or services. Your use of Third-Party Content is at your own risk and you should initiate any investigation you think are necessary before proceeding with any transaction or deal in reference to such Third-Party Content.
  13. The Services may additionally contain sponsored Third-Party Content or advertisements. The type, degree, and targeting of advertisements are subject to alter or change, and you acknowledge and agree that we could place advertisements in reference to the display of any Content or information on the Services, including Your Content.

    The Following terms can be subject to change, and if the changes affect the rights of the users, they will be intimated via an announcement on the platform or Circles will send a notice to the Users notifying the change. We encourage Circles’ Users to review the Content Policy whenever they access or use our Services or otherwise interact with us to stay informed about our information practices and the ways you can help protect your privacy. By continuing to use our Services after Content Policy changes go into effect, you agree to be bound by the revised policy. In case the Circles’ Users continue to use the platform after the terms are changed, it is deemed that the user has read, understood and agree to the new terms and Policies.

    Content Policy is effective as on 1st June 2019.