Circles Community Guidelines


Circles’ is a community where Art, Talent, Personality, Culture, Individuality and more are celebrated. Circles’ provides a platform where diversity of the human race is Revered. So, at Circles’ we expect the Circles’ User’s to adhere to our simple and straight forward Community Guidelines so as to create a seamless experience for everyone involved and to promote peace and tranquillity. The below guidelines are not Circles’ definition of what is “right” or “wrong” but it is about making each and every member feel happy and excited to be a part of a peace-loving and thriving community.

  • Respect and Creative Freedom
  • At Circles, we believe each and every person has their space in this online world. A Space to showcase their talent and personality. Every person has their right to respect and be respected for who they are and to be encouraged for their creative freedom. Each and every person needs to respect the other’s thoughts, expression if even if they do not agree to them as long as they are within the confines of the tenants of what is acceptable to the society as a whole.

  • Authenticity and Legitimacy
  • Circles’ promotes its Users to put out original content for a healthy environment. We do not endorse Users who infringes on other creators’ content and Intellectual property.  Users need to have the appropriate license as well as copyrights to the content that they post. The Authenticity is in the hands of the User and Circles’ is not liable and responsible for any copyright infringement. We take this very seriously and we encourage the Circles’ User to reach out to us and report immediately in case they come across an instance of infringement. Circles users cannot, for example, do the following activities

    • Pretend or impersonate to be somebody else or indulge in Username Squatting.
    • Fake Content and pretend to showcase content or cause and collect subscription for that.
    • Claim the content that is being posted is theirs without any copyright and license.
    • Claim Subscription fees for fake projects as pranks, or non-completion of the same.
  • Bullying, Harassment, Threats
  • Circles’ is a peaceful community and we do not condone any activity that falls under as Bullying, Harassment or threats. We at Circles’ believe in building a community that allows peaceful coexistent of different members regardless of their views and opinions, and we want members of the Community to feel safe as a whole. Criticism is a part of society but ensure you as a member do not indulge in the above-mentioned activities that would compromise the physical and emotional safety for any person. Threats to others are taken very seriously at Circles’, and people involved with such behaviour will be permanently barred from using the platform and necessary action will be taken against the person involved.

    If at any point, the Circle’ users are a victim of such behaviour, kindly report here.

  • Violence and Hate Speech
  • Circles’ is a global platform with people from diverse walks of life. We appreciate and support all types of creators and any kind of Content, that being said we do not stand for and promote any Violence.  We expect the Circles’ Community members to not post any content that contains and condones Violence. We also appreciate the members to follow social etiquettes and not promote hate speeches that discriminate against various facets such as race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or serious medical conditions, etc. Any activity or speeches that distress people and incites Violence among the general population is prohibited.

  • Adult Content
  • In case the content that is being posted and promoted contains adult/mature themes, the user needs to ensure to select the checkbox option that is being provided to the users during the time of Page Creation. This limits the content being accessed to the public and is exclusively available for users who opt-in/subscribe. There are limitations that are put upon content that contains mature themes, the content should not in any way contain and glorify adult content that portrays any sexual violence. Pornographic content is also prohibited on the platform and constant reviews and actions will be taken by the Circles’ team to ensure the content is safe and they adhere to the community guidelines. Circles we have zero tolerance against any content and posting that contain mature themes that depict Child exploitation. Strict and necessary action will be taken against such users apart from being banned by Circles’

    If you as a user is confused if the content that is being posted is not suitable for all audiences and contains Mature themes, then it is suggested to flag the content and mention that it might contain Mature and Adult themes before posting so other users are aware of the same.

  • Dangerous and Illegal/ Criminal Activities
  • Circles’ does not condone users from posting content and collecting finances for activities that are deemed to be dangerous or against the laws of the land. Various activities such as Drug dealing, Assembling, and distribution of arms, Sexual Abuse, Copyright Infringement, Money Laundering, Vandalism, Animal Cruelty, promoting Suicide and inflicting Self-harm, etc. This above list is not exhaustive.

  • Protection of Minors
  • Protection of Minors and their interest is imperative and of utmost importance for us at Circles’. Any Content which involves compromising material on minors is prohibited on the platform. Circles’ would take necessary action against such users.

  • Sharing other’s Information and Personal Data
  • Circles’ does not promote doxing and we prohibit users from posting and publicizing other person’s personally identifiable information in their account. Any essential data of another person that are hard to find, whether aggregated or will not be allowed to be posted and publicized on Circles’.

  • Spam
  • Spamming on the Circles’ platform is not encouraged and prohibited. Spamming essentially involves the repetitive sending and posting of messages and content to large numbers of random users who are not interested or did not subscribe to the content that is being posted. We understand that growing a particular business is difficult, but Spamming will be prohibited and we have mechanisms in place to ensure the Spammers are reported and removed from the Platform.

  • Banned Users
  • There are various people and organizations that are prohibited from using the Circles’ Platform. As Circles’ organizes and mediates and aids the financial transactions between the User and the creator, we need to ensure that misuse of the Circles’ Platform does not happen. People and organization involved in Fraud, Deception, terrorism, harassment, Political and Religious Extremism, Stalking, illegal activities etc are not allowed to use the platform. The mentioned list of activities is not exhaustive and will be under constant review.

Circles’ Course of Action

Circles’ ensures that the platform promotes creativity and is harmonious on the whole for each and every one of our users. In case there are any issues, kindly reach out to us via the appropriate mechanisms provided in the Application which are listed in the following document. In case the issues are not resolved, kindly reach out to us via email support at circles dot to. Be assured that Circles’ User Safety and Harmony is treated with utmost importance by Circles’ and we will take Strict actions against the Users who do not conform to the Community Guidelines.

The Following terms can be subject to change, and if the changes affect the rights of the users, they will be intimated via an announcement on the platform or Circles will send a notice to the Users notifying the change.


Have a problem, reach out to us, we are here to help!